Choose a supervisor

Before enrolling for a doctorate, you must have found a professor or MER who is ready to supervise your thesis and who shares your scientific interests.

Here are some useful links:


The choice of the person who will supervise you during your doctorate at UNIL is essential.

We strongly recommend that you read the UNIL Code of practice for the doctorate and discuss it with your future thesis supervisor.

We also recommend our guide Getting your thesis off to a good start 2023 and our workshop of the same name (you can attend the workshop only after enrolling at UNIL).

For useful advice on doctoral supervision, please see the brochure Conditions for the success of doctoral supervision, Lambert, Niclasse & Charlier, 2020, from the University of Fribourg (CH). The brochure is based on the results of the research which they carried out on the subject.


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