ARCHIVE - Sport Future Rendez-vous 2017 │9 et 10 mai 2017



The digital revolution has brought us e-sports, social media, big data, virtual reality, and cloud technology – all of which are now used regularly to transform sport performance, enhance the running of organisations, and improve spectator and fan involvement. This session looks at how sport governing bodies are impacted and challenged (even disrupted) by these technological innovations.

15:15 -15:25
Introduction to the topic by Emmanuel Bayle, UNIL-ISSUL professor

15:30 -16:00
Keynote by Claude Ruibal, Infront Sports & Media Executive Director of Digital Production

16:15 -17:45
Interactive discussion (led by Callum Murray, Sportcal) with :

Vinzenz Koegler, Swiss eSports Federation President and International eSports Federation Board Member
Alex Sanchez, FIBA Director 3X3     
Susanne Schödel, Fédération Aéronautique Internationale FAI General Secretary
Horesh Ben Shitrit, Second Spectrum Director of Computer Vision Products

17:45 -18:15 Coffee break

18:15 -18:45
New ideas. Their dissertations in 3 minutes :

Olivier Mutter, UNIL-IDHEAP
Nadège Rochat, UNIL-ISSUL
Frederic Stucky, UNIL-ISSUL

19:00 -19:30
Patrick K. Magyar, Interface Marketing AG President, The past and future of sport and Olympic Games

19:35 Drinks and standing dinner

10th May 2017 : SPORT INTEGRITY

In an attempt to define a new sportsmanship for the 21st century, this session confronts the integrity issue. How can the many positive elements of sport - education, health, development, interaction, integration - better contend with the more negative aspects that frequently make news headlines - doping, match-fixing, illegal betting, corruption, violence, gigantism, etc. ?

09:00 - 09:10
Introduction to the topic by Jean-Loup Chappelet, UNIL-IDHEAP professor

09:15 - 09:45
Keynote by Bengt Kayser, UNIL-ISSUL Professor of Physiology, Sports ethics

09:45 -10:15 Coffee break

10:15 -11:45
Interactive discussion (led by Callum Murray, Sportcal) with :

Giovanni Di Cola, International Labour Organization Special Adviser
Emilio Garcia, UEFA Managing Director Integrity
Mike Miller, World Olympian Association CEO
Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, World Lottery Association President
Manon Schick, Amnesty International Switzerland Director

12:00 -12:30
New ideas. Their dissertations in 3 minutes :

Josephine Clausen, UNIL-ISSUL
Joël Pinson, UNIL-IDHEAP
Marie Simonet, UNIL-ISSUL
Sarah Willis, UNIL-ISSUL

12:30 Closing remarks

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