Your career development

The Graduate Campus provides support for UNIL’s doctoral candidates and postdocs, through direct counseling and coaching.

As a first step, we recommend you sign up for workshops with the Graduate Campus or with one of our partners.

If you need more personalized support, you can contact the Graduate Campus for:

  • Counseling on your approach to your career development: clarifying your individual profile, putting together your application (CVs and cover letters), identifying potential opportunities, setting your career objectives.
  • Coaching to help you develop the competence to move past a present moment of ‘blockage’, for example to help you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of staying on the academic career path, or to decide the direction you’d like to take.

Remember that the Graduate Campus has limited availability for individual counseling and coaching: we ask you to sign up for a Career Café first in order to get the basics. As an added benefit, you’ll have the opportunity to share the experience with others like you and create your own community of career development.

Contact to arrange a first appointment.

The Careers and Guidance Center (SOC) has additional career resources.

The HUB provides support and advice on all questions of entrepreneurship and independence... whatever the research domain at UNIL.

You'll find additional support and resources through our partner services.

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