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Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

The topic

This course examines information as an indispensable resource for the functioning and management of any public or private organisation, just like the human and financial resources that are the subjects of other IDHEAP courses. We could even assert that (public) information is both the raw material for and the principal product of the State and its administration. The course approaches this fundamental resource from the twin angles of information systems and statistics.

  • Information systems look after the efficient and effective circulation of information within the organisation;
  • Public statistics involves using digital processes to analyse public information.

These two disciplines enable managers to analyse pertinent information and make decisions. They are therefore indispensable for good public management. Today, both disciplines rely on computing power and information and communication technologies, and their inherent challenges and how to manage them are also discussed in the course.

  • Analyse the concept of information as the raw material for public administration;
  • Understand information’s role in the organisation and in decision-making;
  • Know the possibilities offered by information and communication technologies;
  • Know how to analyse and redesign an information system;
  • Develop a work culture around using statistics;
  • Understand the need for reliable statistics and the inherent constraints;
  • Acquire the reactions to statistical information that are essential to effective management;
  • Practise how to deal with a number of statistical methods and tools.
Target audience
  • Students studying for the MAS in Public Administration (MPA);
  • Students studying for the DAS in Public Administration;
  • Public and private sector managers.
Teaching methods

These lessons are based on a variety of working methods (presentations, discussions, case studies, demonstrations of computer programme tools, work in groups, lectures, Internet, video). Morning or afternoon classes in public statistics (PS) are given by Prof. Olivier Schöni, and in information systems (IS) are given by Prof. Tobias Mettler. The principal documents and information for the course are available under PSIS. A user name and a pass word will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Practical information and Registration
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