Politics and institutions

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The topic

Long characterised as an inherently stable part of the country’s make-up, Switzerland’s politico-administrative system has started to meet upcoming challenges with a series of reforms. This course follows the ins and outs of these changes through the lens of institutional policies—that is, the policies which define the rules of the politico-administrative game. The course concentrates its analysis on the federal level and uses administrative science and political science as its main analytical tools.

Auteur: Gidoca CC BY-SA 3.0



  • Decode Switzerland’s institutional architecture and its effects on the country’s politico-administrative system;
  • Analyse the structure and functioning of Switzerland’s public administration, as well as reforms currently underway in this domain;
  • Discuss the federal administration’s role within Switzerland’s political system, notably within the legislative process.


Target audience

  • Students studying for the MAS in public administration (MPA);
  • Students studying for the DAS in public administration;
  • Employees in federal and cantonal administrations;
  • Political representatives;
  • Journalists and other interested observers of Switzerland’s political landscape.


Course led by Prof. Andreas Ladner.

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