IDHEAP’s professors are available to answer questions from the media in their fields of expertise.

Our experts
Professors Fields of Expertise Contact/ language
Laure Athias Contractual choices within the framework of supplying public services
Public–Private Partnerships
Economic analysis of public policy
079 872 91 67
Languages : FR, EN
Giuliano Bonoli Social policy (except health policy)
079 785 25 49
Pirmin Bundi Parliaments
Policy evaluations
Militia system and political participation in the municipalities
079 342 84 27
Flavia Fossati Migration
Labour market
021 692 69 10
Languages : FR, EN, DE, IT
David Giauque Public management
Public administration reforms
Public employee motivation and satisfaction
Well-being and performance at work
Psychosocial risks at work
076 432 42 60
Languages : FR, EN
Olivier Glassey Culturel management
Information systems management
Data protection
078 659 35 58
Languages : FR, DE, EN
Markus Hinterleitner Institutions, Swiss political system
State and administration
Growth of the state
Political conflict
Political crises
+41 21 692 68 60
Languages : FR, EN, DE, IT
Stéphane Nahrath Public policy analysis
Land-use planning
Sustainable development
079 735 57 59
Languages : FR, EN, DE, IT
Oliver Neumann Public management
Governance of digital projects in the public sector
Artificial intelligence in the public sector
Reducing red tape, agile methods, and citizen orientation
Behavioral aspects in public policy and administration Languages : FR, DE, EN
Martial Pasquier
078 763 23 89
Languages : FR, DE
Olivier Schöni Econometric analysis
Urban economics
Real estate market analysis
Geospatial data analysis
+41 21 692 68 70
Nils Soguel Public authority finances and budgets
Public accounting
Fiscal policy
Merging Swiss communes
Cost-benefit analysis
079 418 70 29 Languages : FR, DE, EN
Mickaël Terrien Management and governance of non-profit organisations
Management and governance in sport
Sports policy
021 692 68 46
Languages : FR, EN
Sophie Weerts Separation of powers
Supreme Courts
Federalism and multilingual Society
Linguistic Policy
021 692 69 60
Languages : FR, EN, DE, IT
IDHEAP Policy Brief

The aim of IDHEAP Policy Brief is to make IDHEAP's scientific research accessible to the general public. It is published quarterly and each issue brings together the results of three different research projects on a common global theme related to current affairs.

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