Registration and ECTS validation


For tutorials & courses organized by us, use the on-line registration system (see table below).
For all other courses/seminars/workshops/conferences: register directly via the organizers.


Series Period to register Events in Semester



Oct-Nov 2021

Autumn 2021



Dec 2021, Jan-Feb 2022

Autumn 2022



Mar-April-May 2022

Spring 2022



May-June-July 2022

Spring 2022


On-line registration:

  • Is possible only during the periods indicated on the table.
  • The system pre-confirms via e-mail that your request has been recorded.
  • The Doctoral School will then formally confirm your participation (within 5 working days after the registration period is closed and via e-mail).



  • Each PhD student has to take part successfully to  2 tutorials during the first year.
  • For each session, we recommend, when possible, to register to two tutorials, in order to ensure your participation to at least one. In case you were selected for both, the Doctoral School will check that the schedules are compatible.
  • You cannot choose a tutorial given by your own thesis director, unless there is a co-tutor.
  • When you register for a tutorial, you indeed engage to take part to the WHOLE tutorial. You should also inform your thesis director about the schedule to avoid any interference with other activities. If you are selected, it is mandatory to continue up to the end (unless a major problem arises, such as illness). Be aware that schedule incompatibilities will not be considered a major problem.



  • If you meet difficulties in using the system, please contact us.


ECTS validation

To validate all the courses/workshops/presentations/conferences to which you took part:

Forward to your programm coordinator the participation forms, signed by your thesis director and yourself, and attach the requested documents (e.g. certificate of participation, program…); possibly by postal mail, or if abroad e.g., by e-mail, in PDF with all the relevant documents merged in the appropriate order.

This should be done for ALL the courses, including those organised by the Doctoral School (but in this specific case, you do not need to attach the program).

  • For all the courses, use this form.
  • For all the conferences/meeting and workshops, use this form.
  • For all seminars, use this form.
  • For an oral presentation of the thesis results ouside the departement, use this form.
  • For the DDay, use this form.
  • For the CVM Mini-symposiums, use this form.

For the tutorials, you do NOT need to use a participation form. These are considered evaluations, which are transmitted directly to the Doctoral School.

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Only for tutorials and courses organized by the Doctoral School.

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