Registration for the PhD in Life Sciences

Admission requirements
  1. To hold a diploma or master's degree listed in the Rules [«Règlement pour l'obtention du grade de Docteur ès sciences de la vie (PhD)», Annex 1].
  2. To have a thesis director and to have defined the research field in which the thesis will be carried out.
  3. To be registered at the University of Lausanne and at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine from the beginning of the thesis work and for its entire duration.


Enrollment: via the admission office

The future doctoral student should follow the instructions available on the website of the admission service.

For holders of a diploma or master degree from:

If eligible, the candidate receives a certificate that she/he must complete, sign and return to the Doctoral School for approval (Thesis Office, Quartier UNIL-Sorge, Amphipôle Building, Office n°324 CH-1015 Lausanne, 021 692 40 09).

Study programs

In parallel to the thesis research, PhD students take part in a study program (courses, conferences, seminars...). 

Study programs are created to train doctoral students by improving skills, knowledge, capabilities and competencies required to increase research performance and to help them for their future professional career growth.

Students can choose between the general study program in Life Sciences (to be customized, called also "FREE study plan") and the programs with a specific study option/plan.

At the end of your studies a program certificate is delivered mentioning the study option you choose. Be aware that the study option will NOT be mentionned on the PhD diploma itself.

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