Strategy and Organisation

Strategy is an important cornerstone in the management of any organization, be it public or private. Strategic management allows instilling a common narrative within an organization, to define overarching goals and objectives, and to lay out a plan on how to move towards these goals. As such, strategies give organizations and its members purpose and direction. However, the contents of strategies in public organizations are often different from private organizations, as the former are embedded in a political context with many different stakeholders and since their key goal is not to increase profit but to work towards the common good. This warrants a separate stream of research on strategy in the public sector.

Closely linked to strategic management is the question of how to best structure a given organization. Organization in the public sector has long been strictly hierarchical with a clear distribution of powers. However, these long-standing patterns recently have begun to change and more agile, flat or non-hierarchical forms of organization are becoming more popular. This development is of course also reflected in current Public Management research, even though many gaps in research still remain.

Our research unit “Strategy and Organization” investigates various topical aspects of these themes such as Open Strategy, Agile Government, Innovation, Behavioral Economics / Behavioral Public Administration and Nudge Theory, and Artificial Intelligence. Thereby, our specific focus is on organizations of the public sector as well as on parapublic organizations and state-owned enterprises. We seek to transfer the insights from our research into practice in Switzerland through publications, consulting activities, presentations and through our personal networks.

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