Master in Information Systems and Digital Innovation

Degree awarded

Master of Science (MSc) in Information Systems and Digital Innovation



Professor Michalis Vlachos, Director of the Master in Information Systems and Digital Innovation (MScIS)

For our Master in Information Systems and Digital Innovation, we have developed a rich and challenging program that significantly increases our students' value on the labor market. Our objective is to provide balanced education on two planes.

Firstly, we offer a mix of courses in information system management and information system engineering. This gives our students an understanding of the potential and limits of information and communication technology in their implementation within an organization.

Secondly, we offer both a solid conceptual foundation and practical skills related to information systems. This will enable our students to easily navigate through the different levels of abstraction required for the design, deployment and management of an information system.

Lastly, we note that this Master's degree represents the outcome of the experience we have acquired over more than 25 years, as it is the direct continuation of our former "Postgraduate Diploma in Information and Organization (DPIO)."

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