Master in Management


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Master of Science (MSc) in Management with 4 specific orientations: Strategy, Organization and Leadership; Marketing; Business Analytics; Behaviour, Economics and Evolution



Professor Markus Christen, Director of the Master in Management (MScM)

With the emergence of new technologies, the globalization and the exploding volume of digital data (big data), our world is driven by new challenges that will only be taken up by the managers and leaders with the finest specializations.

It is in that spirit that HEC Lausanne has reshaped its Master in Management program: by equipping it with various orientations, while relying on a common core curriculum with strategic and analytical expertise. The new “Business Analytics” orientation is being added to those already offered: “Strategy, Organization and Leadership”, “Marketing”, “Behaviour, Economics and Evolution”.

  • Business Analytics: provides students with knowledge to extract the information from data to make efficient decisions and to improve their performance. Head: Prof. Valérie Chavez
  • Strategy, Organization & Leadership: offers qualifications for a wide range of positions (consultant, analyst, etc.) but also for developing one’s own entrepreneurial venture. Head: Prof. Jean-Paul Bonardi 
  • Marketing: students gain proficiency in the latest concepts, cutting-edge trends and marketing methods. Head: Prof. Markus Christen
  • Behaviour, Economics and Evolution (BEE): This orientation uses knowledge from management, economics and evolutionary biology. Students will obtain a profound understanding of human decision making which is needed to make key managerial decisions. Head: Prof. Charles Efferson

The Master in Management is one of the best management programmes in the world, notably according to the Financial Times ranking

Do you wish to be part of the managers and entrepreneurs who will be able to distinguish themselves on the job market? We invite you to apply!

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