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UNIL has a social fund through which it can help students in need. This financial assistance can take different forms: 

  • Monthly grants, designed to offset a student’s loss of earnings;
  • One-off financial assistance (emergency medical expenses, rent or health insurance arrears, the need to return home following the death of a close relative, funding for a placement associated with your studies, moving out in response to violence in the family home, etc.);
  • Partial waiver of enrolment fees.

Financial assistance from UNIL

The University of Lausanne has a social fund aimed at students who are experiencing one-off or long-term financial difficulties. Financial assistance can be granted in addition to a study grant from the canton, if the grant offered is not enough or if your application is turned down. SASME can also help by offering an advance while you are waiting for a cantonal grant.


Before you apply, please read Rectorate Directive 3.5 to check the eligibility requirements and criteria for being granted financial assistance.



Am I entitled to SASME support if I do a 2nd Bachelor's or Master's degree?

No, SASME cannot provide support for a 2nd Bachelor or a 2nd Master.

Is there a deadline for applying for SASME financial assistance?

Is there a deadline for applying for SASME financial aid? There is a deadline set at 25 September / 25 February for the semi-annual tax reduction. There is no deadline for applying for financial assistance.

What is the monthly amount of SASME financial assistance?

Between CHF 100.- and CHF 700.-

Can I apply for financial assistance when I arrive at UNIL?

Yes, if you are Swiss, have a C permit or are a recognised refugee, and have applied for a cantonal grant beforehand.

Is the monthly grant available to foreign students with a B student permit?

Yes, provided you have completed your first Bachelor's/Master's degree at UNIL, and have validated 60 Bachelor's credits and 30 Master's credits.

Am I allowed to combine a semester fee waiver with a monthly grant?

Yes, you can benefit from both a semester fee waiver and a monthly grant.

What is the average waiting time for an application for financial assistance?

If your application is complete, you should expect to receive an answer within two weeks.

If I have a cantonal grant, am I entitled to SASME assistance?

Yes, if the amount granted by the cantonal grant appears to be insufficient to cover your monthly budget.

Am I entitled to apply for a scholarship at UNIL if I have received a negative response from the cantonal grant?

Yes, you can apply for a scholarship at UNIL if you have been refused a cantonal grant.

Can I apply to SASME financial assistance if I haven't yet received a reply from the cantonal grant?

Yes, the SASME can make an advance on a cantonal grant, provided you apply to the canton as soon as possible.

Is it my parents' place of residence or my own that is decisive when applying for a cantonal grant?

As a general rule, it is the parents' canton of residence that is decisive for a cantonal grant application.

*Please refer to the Rectorate Directive 3.5 for exception cases.


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