Lancaster University

The collaboration with Lancaster University began in 2015. It is based on the synergies that have been existing in the fields of Geosciences, English Literature and Management, especially with regard to the "responsible future" theme.

Joint activities

The privileged partnership focuses on an interdisciplinary approach and takes the following forms:

  • Joint course modules
  • Joint study trips
  • Participation in the partner university's field camps
  • Teacher exchanges
  • Collaboration in research
  • Joint study days and collaboration on conferences
  • Organisation of an annual day of retreat for reflection
  • Administrative and technical staff exchange

Several SEMP agreements have also been signed.

For more information, please contact Dr Denis Dafflon (phone +41 21 692 20 26).

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Dr Denis Dafflon
Tel.: +41 21 692 20 26

June 2016 meeting