Application deadlines for doctoral studies for holders of a foreign university degree or a foreign university of applied sciences degree

Autumn semester

A complete application has to reach the Admissions Office:

Autumn semester 2024/2025:

before 31 July 2024

The prospective PhD student must also send the two copies of the completed and signed PhD form (attestation de thèse) to his/her thesis director. The link to the form is provided in the online application and in the email acknowledging receipt sent immediately after the confirmation by the candidate (to be printed out by him/her).

The thesis director signs and forwards the form to the Doctoral School or the Dean’s Office, who stamps and signs the document before returning it to the Admissions Office by 15 October 2024 (autumn semester 2024/2025) or 28 February 2025 (spring semester 2025). It is therefore important for the candidate to forward the PhD form to the thesis director without delay.

If the application has been sent after 31 July 2024 or the PhD form has been submitted to the Admissions Office after 15 October 2024, the registration will be postponed to the next semester (or, in case the late application is accepted, the prospective student will have to pay a surcharge of CHF 200.-).


It is therefore important that the candidate sends the PhD forms to his/her thesis director as soon as possible.





the French version of the registration conditions prevails


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