2015 Laureates

Winners of the 2015 edition

The winners of the 2015 edition are:

Thomas Lorin (EPFL), for his Master's thesis:

"De la matière à la matérialité".

Summary T. Lorin  (59 Ko)

Gianluca Paglia (EPFL), for his Master's project:

"Towards Solar Decathlon: Concepts for a Sustainable Urban Water Management in a New Eco-district"

We are grateful to the town of St-Sulpice for offering the prize attributed to Gianluca Paglia.

Summary G. Paglia  (303 Ko)

Damien Magat (EPFL), for his Master's project:

"SLUM STRATEGIES: From Housing to Urban Scenarios".

Summary D. Magat  (36 Ko)

Aurore Crettenand, Fabio Meszaros, Diane Lamon et Alexis Nantermod, (UNIL, Faculty of Geosciences and Environment), for their work:

"La charte de La Chaux-de-Fonds: un développement consciencieux des franges urbaines".


©Xavier Nüssbaumer

Lea Dubois (UNIL, Faculty of Geosciences and Environment), for her Master's thesis:

"Coral reef degradation: from the sea to the land of Dahab".

Summary L. Dubois  (578 Ko)

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