Against gender-based violence

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Gender-based violence - sexist violence, violence based on real or perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity - is unfortunately not absent from our community.

From ordinary sexism, homophobia or transphobia to physical and sexual violence, harassment or other violations of personal rights, such violence is not tolerated at UNIL, which aims to offer each of its members a healthy, safe and respectful working and studying environment.

UNIL resources

Help | UNIL
Information on sexism, sexual harassment, how to act and resources available

Equal Opportunities Office
- Information and advice for anyone concerned by a situation of violence, sexual harassment or who feels discriminated against by sexist behaviour
- Training workshops on inclusive communication, prevention of racial and LGBTIQ+ discrimination, sexism and sexual harassment, etc.

Preventing and stopping sexism and sexual harassment, that’s my job!
E-learning for managers and supervisors at UNIL

Understanding conflicts and violations of personal rights at work 
to promote appropriate and responsible behaviour by understanding, in particular, what sexual harassment and psychological harassment are

Emergencies on campus

In case of a physical attack or other emergency situation on campus

UNIL emergency call            115 (from an internal phone) or 021 692 20 00

Police rescue                         117


Help for victims

LAVI Centres
Psychological, legal, social and material support for victims of violence

Help for victims of sexual assault or sexual violence

Help for victims of domestic violence

Violence Que Faire?
Association for help in cases of domestic violence

Pôle Agression et Violence (PAV)
Association for help and support for LGBTI+ victims of violence

LGBT+ Helpline   0800 133 133
Help for victims of homophobic or transphobic violence


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