Cardiovascular and metabolic sciences Summer school and PhD workshop

UNIL principal investigator

Prof. Lucia Mazzolai, Faculty of Biology and Medicine

UNIPD principal investigator

Prof. Roberto Vettor, DIMED


Graduate Summer/ Winter program


An international summer school is planned, coupled with a PhD workshop focused on cardiovascular and metabolic sciences intended for graduate, PhD, MD-PhD students, and post-docs from the Universities of Lausanne and Padova.

The objective of this educational program is to stimulate discussion among participants, provide graduate, PhD, MD-PhD students, and post-docs from the Universities of Lausanne and Padova with the latest knowledge on cardio-vascular and metabolic disease research, offer new opportunities for international collaborative efforts between the two Universities, offer graduate and post-graduate students opportunities for educational exchanges.


Activities will be organized over four days. During the first three days, distinguished experts from the two Universities will present relevant topics in the cardio-vascular and metabolic fields. The purpose of the summer school is to ensure interactivity between speakers and students and to stimulate discussion on the topics. On day four, young fellows will present ongoing research projects and additional collaborations between the two Universities will be outlined.

  • The first day will focus on microcirculation.
  • The second day will focus on heart disease.
  • The third day will focus on peripheral vascular disease.
  • The fourth day will be dedicated to interactive presentations from young PhD, MDPhD fellows of their research projects. Aim is to offer them the possibility to interact among each other and with a panel of senior experts in order to seek advice, set up collaborations, and critically discuss the research projects.

Main outputs will be advanced education on specific topics, presentation of various methodologies to study heart and peripheral vessels, thorough discussion about gaps in knowledge and avenues of future research. It is foreseen to strengthen the concept of internationalization of the two universities in a spirit of constructive collaboration, and to highlight the efforts and merits of young fellows in the research field, allowing them to outline their projects in an international exchange environment and providing new opportunities for international collaborations.

Additionally, the summer school and the PhD workshop will be credited with credits necessary for the MD and PhD programs of the respective Universities

Potential for follow-up activities

  • Set up scientific collaborations between laboratories of the two Universities,
  • exchange of medical PhDs, and MD-PhDs students,
  • possibility to acquire different expertises through short exchange programs,
  • possibility to set up co-direction of thesis.


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