An explorer mind-set aiming to understand and analyse the fundamental mechanisms of our economic world and the behaviours that determine individual decision-making.

The agents of research at HEC Lausanne

Research at HEC Lausanne is conducted by more than 360 researchers, recognized for the excellence of their work and academic backgroundOur researchers' articles are regularly published in the most selective and prestigious international scientific journals.

The research community at HEC Lausanne also has a distinctively high international composition and wide range of experts, such as economists, sociologists and psychologists.

A public good

Striking a balance between academic rigor and creativity, research at HEC Lausanne contributes significantly to scientific, economic and political debates, as well as the development of an innovative spirit. Its impact becomes concrete in areas such as corporate ethics and governance, tax policy, management techniques, cybersecurity and industrial supply chain management.

Quality - A story of recognition

HEC Lausanne has been awarded a double accreditation by EQUIS and AMBA, which certify the quality of the research and teaching activities held at our institution. Furthermore, our professors and researchers are invited regularly to share their insights more broadly with the general public, through media interviews and as speakers at conferences as well. Our Faculty has also created the HECImpact blog, a platform specifically dedicated to sharing knowledge with the larger society.

Research career at HEC Lausanne

Latest news on research at HEC & UNIL

Financer un projet Published on 26.05.23
Financer un projet
Délais pour les demandes de soutiens des fondations rattachées à la Direction de l'UNIL.
Workshop on "Copyright and Second Publication Rights". Published on 23.05.23
Workshop on "Copyright and Second Publication Rights".
In the framework of the Regulatory Framework project funded by swissuniversities, CCdigitlallaw offers 3 workshops on copyright and second publication rights. The workshops are aimed at all researchers in Switzerland who are curious to learn more about the possibilities of second publications (the green way to Open Access).
The diminishing CO2 impact of Swiss real estate investments
Published on 23.05.23
The diminishing CO2 impact of Swiss real estate investments
Greenhouse gas emissions from buildings owned by Swiss real estate investment vehicles fell by around 10% in 2021 on the previous year. According to the second annual study looking at the ESG commitments of Swiss real estate funds, foundations and companies – carried out by researchers at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne (HEC Lausanne) in collaboration with BCV – there was a shift toward renewables and away from fossil energy, which accounted for 42% of the buildings’ energy mix, down from 46% in 2020.
Atelier sur les "copyright and second publication right". Published on 23.05.23
Atelier sur les "copyright and second publication right".
Dans le cadre du projet Regulatory Framework financé par swissuniversities, CCdigitlallaw propose 3 ateliers sur les copyright and second publication right. Les ateliers s'adressent à tous les chercheurs en Suisse qui sont curieux d'en savoir plus sur les possibilités des deuxièmes publications (la voie verte de l'Open Access).
L’impact CO2 des placements immobiliers suisses diminue
Published on 23.05.23
L’impact CO2 des placements immobiliers suisses diminue
Les émissions de gaz à effets de serre des parcs de bâtiments des placements immobiliers suisses ont diminué d’environ 10% entre 2020 et 2021. Selon la deuxième étude sur l’engagement en matière de critères ESG des fonds, fondations et sociétés dans ce domaine conduite par des chercheurs de la Faculté des HEC de l’Université de Lausanne en collaboration avec la BCV, la part des énergies fossiles dans le mix énergétique a reculé, passant de 46% à 42%, au profit des solutions renouvelables.
New workshop: Mapping your path with a PhD Published on 23.05.23
New workshop: Mapping your path with a PhD
Where to take your career after the doctorate or postdoc contract? How to find a role that fits your values and gives your research expertise a new life?
Nouvel atelier: Tracer sa voie avec un doctorat Published on 23.05.23
Nouvel atelier: Tracer sa voie avec un doctorat
Comment faire évoluer sa carrière après un doctorat ou un postdoc ? Comment trouver un rôle qui corresponde à vos valeurs et qui donne une nouvelle vie à votre expertise en matière de recherche ?
Bourses Fulbright - Consultation en ligne 31 MAI 15H-16H Published on 22.05.23
Bourses Fulbright - Consultation en ligne 31 MAI 15H-16H
Vous souhaitez effectuer votre master ou doctorat dans une université des États-Unis et bénéficier d'une bourse d'études ? Participez à la séance en ligne du programme de bourses Fulbright pour en savoir plus...
Engagements CoARA Published on 17.05.23
Engagements CoARA
Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que l'UNIL a récemment signé les engagements CoARA.
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