Grants & Financial support

Reduced semestrial taxes

UNIL students participating in an exchange program remain fully registered at the UNIL and will pay reduced UNIL fees of CHF 180.- per semester. They are not required to pay semester fees at the host university.

More information: SASME


Mobility grants

Most students going on exchange receive a grant ; the amount depends on the type of exchange agreement: SEMP (ex-Erasmus), HEC Faculty agreements, UNIL General agreements or Swiss mobility.

More information: SASME

SEMP (ex-Erasmus) agreements

A grant of CHF 380.- per month will be paid before the exchange.

A language studies grant of CHF 300.- can be requested for selected students if a language course is followed in the host university.

HEC Faculty agreements

Students going on exchange with the HEC agreements will receive a Faculty grant of CHF 2500.- or CHF 1500.- per semester, depending on the destination.

General agreements

Students going on exchange with the General agreements will receive a grant of CHF 2500.- per semester (overseas) and CHF 1500.- per semester (Europe).

Swiss Mobility

A grant of CHF 500.- per semester is given to the student if the exchange is done in another linguistic region.


SEMP placements in Europe

SEMP (Swiss-European Mobility Programme) is the programme which replaces the Erasmus placements programme.

The SEMP placements programme lets you go on placement to a firm, hospital, laboratory, school, etc. in Europe whilst benefiting from a grant. More information at the SASME.


MITACS Programme with the University of Montreal for Master students

The MITACS programme enables UNIL Master students to complete a research stay of 3 to 6 months at the University of Montreal. For HEC Lausanne, the fields of studies concerned are Economics and Actuarial Sciences.

For such a research stay, a scholarship of 6000 Canadian dollars is available, regardless of the length of the stay. In total, 5 scholarships are awarded.

Half of this sum comes from MITACS, a Canadian not-for-profit organisation, which has signed an agreement with the University of Montreal, and the other half from UNIL. 

To be eligible, students must be enrolled as a Master student at UNIL and remain enrolled throughout the research stay. They must have a research project for the Master thesis and wish to benefit from the expertise of a researcher from the University of Montreal.

More information on the website of the International Relations.


Free Mover

For students who wish to study abroad as a "Free Mover", the UNIL will not be able to provide any financial support, but students can request a partial dispensation of the UNIL semester fees, the congé restreint (CHF 210.- instead of CHF 580.-). See the form: "Demande de congé"


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