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Various Graduate Campus activities are dedicated to community and the wellbeing of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers at UNIL and CHUV, with the goal of creating connections between the people of all seven faculties, and to combine research with wellbeing.

PhDChat - Group discussion

Research in general, and a doctorate in particular, can be a solitary activity, and a source of stress, self-doubt and mental blocks. Isolation is an ideal environment for these feelings to thrive, and puts a strain on morale and analytical capacities. The restrictions of lockdown have taken this risk to a new level.

The PhDChat is a place for doctoral candidates to take the time for a short online session (max. 6 persons) to share the challenges, questions, and potential solutions to this strange time. The discussion is facilitated by a member of the Graduate Campus, and the core of our time together will be devoted to peer-to-peer exchange.

If individual situations require it, a separate discussion with a member of the Graduate Campus can be scheduled after the session to allow for a more in-depth discussion.

To register for a PhDChat, head over to our online platform.

Individual support

Doctoral candidates and postdoc researchers can contact the Graduate Campus team at any time to request a one-to-one, confidential discussion, by email.

Given the current circumstances, these sessions are held over Zoom.


Prévention et gestion du stress (in French)


Une accumulation de stress provoque des tensions physiques, mentales et émotionnelles. Si ces tensions ne sont pas évacuées, elles peuvent entraîner des douleurs, des troubles fonctionnels et /ou un sentiment d'oppression. Un déséquilibre s'installe entre ses ressources et les exigences professionnelles. Un déséquilibre s'installe entre ses ressources et les exigences professionnelles. Les facultés d'adaptation diminuent, entraînant une dévalorisation de soi, un sentiment d'échec, qui peuvent conduire au burnout.

Buts de l'atelier

  • Prendre conscience de l'importance du lien entre la posture et la respiration
  • Comprendre comment s'installent les tensions
  • Connaître les techniques (corporelles, respiratoires et mentales) pour se décharger du stress afin d'éviter qu'il ne devienne chronique
  • Réaliser l'importance d'une bonne hygiène de vie et reconnaître les signaux qui doivent alerter
  • Avoir des outils concrets pour mettre en place les changements nécessaires.

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Stress and Energy Management

The Stress and Energy Management series of mini-workshops ("workouts") has been created for postdocs to provide some essential tools for stress and energy management. The tools are based on easy-to-apply techniques, that focus either on how to handle a stressful situation when it arises, or how to build the capacity to sustain high levels of energy as to be better equipped to face future challenging situations.

The workouts have been designed to be highly interactive and experiential, to make learning more effective and personalized. Participants will be working on real case scenarios individually as well as in small groups.

Module 1 : Navigate Out of Feeling Overwhelmed

This Workout will help participants to get out of the feeling of being overwhelmed. At the end of the workshop, they will be able to recognize a situation in which they feel overwhelmed, know what specific factors trigger the overwhelm and find their way out in a more empowered way.

Module 2 : Take Charge of Your Time: The Power of a "Positive No"

In the workplace more often than not we find ourselves in situations where we would like to say No ...yet we end up saying yes, often out of fear of hurting people or destroying important relationships. In this workout, participants will learn the important and art of saying a 'positive no' through a simple, proven three-step technique.

You'll find further information and be able to register for these mini-workshops on our online platform.

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Meet & Greet

Share a bite to eat and a drink, with the opportunity to meet fellow PhD candidates, postdocs and visiting researchers from all faculties of UNIL, and find out more about the services available to you at UNIL. (Event currently suspended due to pandemic restrictions.)

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Call for projects

As a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher, you can apply for funding from the Graduate Campus to organise an event for your colleagues. Funding is available for events that aim to broaden participants' academic and methodological backgrounds, and ideally cross disciplinary boundaries (or at least present a clear interest in optimising their career prospects).

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