Thesis deposit

La procédure pour cette étape est disponible sous forme de résumé prêt à l'impression (voir colonne de droite sur cette page).

The doctorate in Medicine (MD) does not require an exam or thesis defence. The thesis work is submitted solely to the MD Committee for evaluation.

Following the MD Committee evaluation meeting, the decision is communicated to the MD student by email and letter together with a payment slip (CHF 500.--) for the thesis taxes.

The Doctoral School after reception of the payment, will forward the “Imprimatur” (which is the mark of approval to print the thesis) to the MD student. The Imprimatur should be included in the thesis manuscript as described below.

The final copies of the thesis should be structured as follows:

  • A transparent plastic page (optional);
  • Official title on a hardback page (see MD Rules- annexe 1 or example under "rules&forms" folder)
  • A 2nd title page and the Imprimatur on the reverse side of the page
  • Abstract (in English or French)
  • The article(s) or manuscript
  • A hardback page

The documents should be thermally bound (the use of other types of bindings such as plastic or metal rings, are not allowed)


The MD student will print 4 to 6 copies of the thesis work (according to the request of the school) and forward them to the Doctoral School along with the following forms filled in: BCU form

The doctoral School will take care of the distribution of the copies ( three copies for the BCU Library, one for the BIUM Blibiothèque de Médecine, one for Archives, one to the DIrector and Co-Director if required).

The doctoral MD student will oder online his doctoral degree from this link, and receive his diploma within 2-3 months.

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fr.gif Document à imprimer

Dépôt de thèse

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Thesis deposit