Farahmand Maneli


Affiliated researcher

Institute for Social Sciences of Religions (ISSR)

email : Maneli.Farahmand<at>unil.ch



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Manéli Farahmand holds an interfaculty Master in anthropology of religions and social and political sciences from the University of Lausanne. 

To carry out her research Master, she conducted a long-term ethnographic immersion in Chiapas (Mexico). Her research focused on indigenous issues in Mexico and the impact of liberation theologies  on ethnic identity processes. 

After her Master, she worked 3 years in the area of international solidarity, in the field of human rights in Latin America, where she was trained in project management and UN mechanisms. 

She then worked as PhD student, assistant of Prof. Irene Becci at the Institute of Social Sciences of Religions (University of Lausanne). 

As part of her joint PhD (University of Ottawa and University of Lausanne), under the co-supervision of Profs. Irene Becci (UNIL) and Peter Beyer ( UDO), she investigated Maya revival movements in Central America through a transnational lens, ethno-photographic approach and a qualitative multi-sited ethnography.  

She is now PhD in social sciences of religions, specialized in socio-religious phenomena and indigenous issues in Central-America. 
She has just received the 2019 SAV Price for a PhD manuscript. She is now teaching at the universities of Lausanne and Fribourg, and prepares her post-doctoral research project. 
Manéli Farahmand is the Program Chair for the SISR-ISSR 2019 Conference « The Politics of Religion and Spirituality ».