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In parallel to your doctoral research, the writing of your thesis manuscript and the activities specific to your department, you have to take part in a study program (events & courses). It is an opportunity to get knowledge, improve competencies required in research & boost your career. The FREE study program is flexible and can be customized. You have to obtain 12 ECTS credits by the end of your PhD.

As soon as you are registered as PhD student

  • Check your email address, our messages will be sent to this address only.
  • Check the study program on our website.
  • In agreement with your thesis director, customize your study program (p.2).

Activities with ECTS credits 

1. Listed on our website:

  • Tutorials (discussion groups followed by an evaluation, p.3).
  • PhD level courses, seminars, events...

2. Conferences, events & other courses:

  • International conferences, national meetings & workshops organized by renowned universities and institutions
  • Oral presentations of the thesis research outside the department (for peers & senior researchers).
  • Summer schools, PhD level courses, meetings and seminars outside the list (organized by renowned entities) might be recognized. We encourage you to take part to them, however contact us in advance to ensure we will recognize them.



Activities & ECTS

Click on the picture to enlarge the table and see which activities are part of the study program in Life Sciences. The evaluation in number of ECTS is done by the Doctoral School only.


How to validate the activities?

For ALL the activities (except tutorials), send us the participation forms, signed by your thesis director and yourself, and attach the requested documents (e.g. certificate of participation, program…); possibly by postal mail, or if abroad e.g., by e-mail, in PDF with all the relevant documents merged in the appropriate order. For more information, click here.

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