Academic texts

Introduction to Academic texts (IAT) levels B1 to C1

This course's goal is to learn to read and write academic texts in French through reading and writign French academic texts. This course is not a language learning curse as such, it allows students to discover, understand and apply French academic writing practices through ethnographical exercices and the collective drafting process of a scientific journal.

  • only for students of level B1 to C1 according to the assessment test of the Cours de vacances
  • 3 weeks (51 periods of 45 minutes)
  • Monday to Friday
  • 8.45 am to 12.00
  • option to work autonomously in the Multimedia Center (CMM) in the afternoon
  • class: maximum 18 students per class (the students are grouped according to the level obtained at the assessment test of the first day)
  • this course will not take place during the Summer 2019


IMPORTANT: Your admission to this course depends on your result in the assessment test of the first day, you must have at least the B1/B2 level, this means that you must have acquired the B1 level and be on the way to acquiring the level B2 on the first day of the course. If your result at the assessment test is too low, we will try to place you in another class but it will depend on the availability of places. If there are no places in the other classes, you will not be able to follow the courses and we will not be able to refund you anymore. This course is repeated at each session, we advise you not to take it more than once over the Summer.

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